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 The means of communication made rapid progress as the communication technology has been growing over years. Yet, it is difficult for many agricultural producers to find reliable buyers to sell their products with great care. The group company, Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd. has been transporting those products with great care to reliable buyers more than 40 years wholeheartedly. Thus, Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd. is well acquainted with both reliable agricultural producers and buyers. And once, Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd. introduced an agricultural producer, at the producer’s request, to a reliable buyer and got deeply appreciated from both the producer and buyer. Accordingly, Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd. found out an important mission, in addition to transportation, to become a reliable food coordinator and has established Leaf Co., Ltd. in 2012 to extend its coordinator role to overseas producers and buyers.

 One-stop service is our key focus. We will make every effort to satisfy both reliable

producers and buyers as a food coordinator and safely transport agricultural products with low cost by the aid of Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd.


Suigo Butsuryu Service Co., Ltd.


266 Hanawa, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki, 300-0321 Japan


Shigeru Iida

The Main Activities

Freight Transportation Industry (Chartered Freight/Air Cargo):
Foods, Perishable Foods, Perishable Flowers, Vegetables

Means of Transportation

Large size-refrigerator-car (wing):38 cars
Large size-refrigerator-trailer(wing):1 trailer
Large size-car(wing):5 cars 4t car(wing):3 cars
4t refrigerator-car(wing):14 cars 8t refrigerator-car(wing):2 cars
4t refrigerator-car:3 cars 2t car:3 cars 2t refrigerator-car:4 cars

Number of employees


Establishment Aug. 1971
(April, 1996: Trade name has been changed to the current name)
The Capital

15 million yen

Tel 029-889-0592


Main bank Tsukuba Bank, Ltd.(Miura branch)
The Joyo Bank, Ltd.(Ami branch)


Leaf Co., Ltd.


267 Hanawa, Ami-machi, Inashiki-gun, Ibaraki, 300-0321 Japan


Shigeru Ishiyama

The Main Activities

Export and Import of various kinds of foods/
Production and sales of agricultural products

Date of Establishment Feb. 2, 2012
The Capital

2 million yen

Website http//
Tel 029-829-4188


Main bank The Joyo Bank(Ami branch)